Les Amis d'Etty Hillesum

Etty Hillesum
Middelburg 1914 - Auschwitz 1943

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Etty Hillesum's writings

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Writings about Etty Hillesum

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Jesus and Etty, Christine Cichello, Stations of the Cross with artist Sieger Koder and all words by Etty Hillesum who died in the Holocaust 30 November 1943.12 april 2014

The Wrestling Patient, Short documentary, tracing Etty Hillesum's footsteps in Europe, and the process of developing this play. 7 feb 2014

Pilgrimage to the heart, the Life and Loves of Etty Hillesum, combines theater, dialogue, a book and visual art to tell the story of a woman who moves through romantic love to a deeper, more inclusive one, refusing to allow her love of life to be diminished by the oppression to which she is subjected during the Holocaust, 1942-43. 2013

Etty Hillesum's interrupted life, april 2013

Etty Hillesum - The railroad from Amsterdam to Auschwitz, via Westerbork, 12 november 2012

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The girl who could not kneel, theatre piece from Baruch Brenner Ensemble, 2010

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Pt. 1, The Generation of Etty Hillesum - Part 1 of 3, 8 mai 2009. This is part one of a three part presentation "Amsterdam (c. 1940) and the Generation of Etty Hillesum" by Leonie Snatager Penney, a contemporary of Etty Hillesum. The presentation was given at the United States Holocaust Museum on May 18, 1995.

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Etty Hillesum on BBC radio, Monday 19 november 2012